Complex Past & Present

In 1993 Mecklenburg County signed an agreement with Ramblewood Soccer, Inc. (Ramblewood) a nonprofit group of soccer volunteers, whereby Ramblewood agreed to develop a professionally designed, high quality "match play only" soccer complex. The non-profit group agreed to raise the necessary funds from the private sector to build and maintain it on land leased from the County.

The Complex is located on 45 acres of land in southwest Charlotte, NC on property leased under a 30 year arrangement with Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department. The property was an underdeveloped, closed park that had become in disrepair over the years and consisted of trees, underbrush and weeds. There were no fields in place.

Construction required thousands of truck loads of dirt and fill and countless volunteer hours to build the fields you see today. The private sector has contributed most of the more than $2,000,000 expended to date to construct the Complex in both monetary and in-kind contributions. Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation staff have provided vital encouragement, enthusiasm and assistance but little direct financial support. In July 2008 a new partnership agreement was reached with Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation enabling RSI to continue to manage and develop the complex.

The current Complex includes 11 full size (120 yards x 75 yards) fields including a lighted championship field located in the center of the complex. All the playing surfaces consist of high quality hybrid bermuda grass which are over seeded with annual rye grass in the fall. The fields are irrigated with our own well water and we currently have over a million square feet of irrigated playing surface at the complex. All the existing fields, common areas, goals, landscaping and physical structures in the Complex are maintained by Ramblewood Soccer Inc. Having completed the construction and irrigation of eleven playing fields and the building of a bathroom to date, the next projects in our future include building a shelter and a small concession stand and adding permanent spectator seating and lights to several fields.

The fields are used 10 or more months every year for the following:

Soccer matches and tournaments. These include youth, men's, women's, coed; and high
school, college and professional teams. Currently, seven organizations play
regularly at our complex. These include classic youth, men's and coed adult soccer
leagues and an Ultimate (frisbee) association.
Youth soccer camps, clinics and team tryout sessions.
Other sports including men's and women's collegiate Ultimate Frisbee tournaments.
Special Olympics and other sporting events.